Messages from the Star

Título: Messages from the Star
Autor: Ramatís
Coautor: Hercílio Maes
Formato: 14x21cm
Páginas: 456
Capa: 4 cores (Laminação fosca)
Acabamento: Cola PUR
ISBN: 9788576183549
Lançamento: Outubro de 2015

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Sinopse: What truly lies behind the events labeled as the “Final Judgment,” which has already begun on the planet? What is the purpose of the action of the intrusive star and the verticalization of the Earth axis, predicted to open the Age of Aquarius? Is the planetary selection truly underway? Who must remain reincarnated on Earth, in the more fraternal humanity of the Third Millennium, and who must restart the elementary course in primitive planetary schools? How does the phenomenon of prophecy occur, and what is the true symbolism of the images present in the Revelation?
Only a master of wisdom such as Ramatis could clarify such matters, revealing the hidden sidereal planetary planning behind of the “Final Judgment” label, detailing the process and describing the physical and spiritual transformation on Earth after the transition.
Initiatory themes such as “The Sidereal Engineers and the plan of Creation,” “The Astrological Influences and Sign of Pisces,” “The distinction between the angelical descent and the angelical fall of the exiled from other orbs,” constitute this avant-gardist work.
Fifty years ago, selling out in all of its future editions, Messages from the Stars became a classic, definitively winning over the reader through its unprecedented character, depth and the clarity with which it addresses this exciting theme.

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